All Things Pi

  1. Google's 30th Anniversary of Pi Day Doodle - Google celebrates Pi Day with a beautiful, tasty, circular doodle as well as an excellent apple pie recipe. Watch the making of the doodle video [...]
  2. PiCycle Bicycle - It doesn’t have 3.14… wheels, so it’s still a bicycle. But, its body has a recognizable shape – check out this fun video about this [...]
  3. Pi Shaped Pizza - Usually Pizza Pies are round – and we feel strongly that pies r not square – but with Ro’s Pi Symbol Cookie Cutter you can [...]
  4. NASA looks at Pi in the Sky - NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has crafted a stellar math challenge to show students of all ages how NASA scientists and engineers use the mathematical constant [...]
  5. Car Odometer hits Pi on Pi Day - 314,159 kilometers on 3-14!
  6. Pi Day of the Century - The New York Times ponders last century's epic Pi Day in 1915. Read about this century's festivities.
  7. Visualize Pi Kickstarter Project - Students from The Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn combine mathematics and art to VISUALIZE Pi as a mural in their community! Watch the video [...]
  8. An Irrational Auralization of 225 Digits of Pi -
  9. Listen to how tasty this pie sounds - NPR discusses Pi Day and a tasty Mango Key Lime Pie, since we have an “equation for a party: March 14 = 3/14 = 3.14 [...]
  10. The New Yorker: Why Pi Matters - “So it’s fair to ask: Why do mathematicians care so much about pi?” Read the excellent article by Steven Strogatz about infinity and more. Also [...]

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