About This Site

The objective of this web site is to convince the world that mathematics is fun, and capitalize on the attention mathematicians’ favorite number, Pi, gets on Pi Day. By promoting cool Pi-related things from around the web, we are able to demonstrate how important math is to our society today, both culturally and technically.

Contact Us

If you have suggestions or would like to publicize a Pi Day event, please get in touch: ideas@piday.org.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

We do our best to credit original sources, and not to publish content without the owner’s permission. If we’ve made a mistake, we apologize and will edit or remove your content as you desire promptly. Contact ideas@piday.org with the subject line “Content Issue” so we’re sure to see it quickly.


In March 2001, Dan Hellerich bought the domain name piday.org. Since then, the site has undergone four major revisions, each version being leveraged to try out new technologies. In 2008, the site started using WordPress to feature a larger quantity of articles about Pi in our culture. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives passed Resolution 224 naming March 14, 2009 Pi Day. Pi Day also joined Facebook in 2009 and quickly got thousands of ‘Likes’. On Pi Day 2010, Google recognized the holiday worldwide with a ‘doodle’ on its homepage, helping piday.org serve nearly a million pageviews on that single day. In 2013, a new version of the site implements ‘responsive design’ techniques in order to provide a good user experience to visitors on their mobile devices or full-sized computers.


  • The Pi Circle emblem is set in Garamond Pro.
  • Typekit serves the web typography for the site, headlines in Futura Bold Condensed and body copy in Freight Sans Pro Light.
  • WordPress along with the WP Super Cache plugin power the back-end of this site, which is hosted by DreamHost.
  • The ‘Toolbox’ WordPress theme along with Bootstrap’s responsive front-end framework were used to create Pi Day’s custom WordPress theme.
  • The Shop is provided by CafePress.
  • Web Analytics are collected using Google Analytics.