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Celebrate Pi Day in style. Wear one of these official Pi Day shirts and join the world in celebrating the best day of the year. The compliments you’ll receive will go on and on, just like the digits of pi. Perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate Pi Day, but especially great for math lovers, pun lovers, engineers, and teachers. Don’t be irrational, get these shirts today! Also make sure to check out the other Pi Day merchandise we offer!


Official Pi Day Shirts

A t-shirt with a pi symbol and the phrase "irrational but well-rounded"A t-shirt with the numbers of pi forming a pi symbolA blue t-shirt with a chicken inside a pot that has the pi symbol on itA t-shirt with a grey and black pi symbol on it

A black t-shirt with a colorful pi symbol on it A picture of pi next to the word day on a t-shirtA pi symbol with a pepperoni pizza designA white t-shirt with the numbers of pi forming the pi symbol on it

A t-shirt displaying the numbers of pi in a spiraling designPi Day pocket shirt The Pi Day logo on a t-shirt

Pi Day Socks



Blue pi symbols on socks Socks with pies and pi symbols on themThe numbers of pi on socks

Pi Day Books

The book cover for "Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi" The book cover for the "It Happened One Pi Day" children's book

Pi Day Baking Supplies

Pi Cookie CutterA pie in the shape of the pi symbol

Pi Day Mugs

A white mug that uses mathematical symbols to spell out "I ate some pie and it was delicious" A black mug with a pi symbol on it and various other math symbols A cup with a pi symbol on it made out of strawberries A white mug with the numbers of pi on it

Pi Day Teacher Supplies

A pack of erasers in the shape of a pi symbolA pen with pi symbols on themPi symbols and the numbers of pi on pencils

Pi Day Decorations

A pi symbol tapestryBalloons with a pi symbol on them