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About Us

We believe in educating people on the basic foundations of math and science and having fun while doing it.

Pi Day is a website created to encourage an interest in STEM topics. Science, technology, engineering, and math are all cornerstones of modern life. Our team at Pi Day is passionate about making these topics interesting and easy to understand. We have a long history in the education industry, dating back to 2002, and employ many experts in STEM fields. This is why we get so excited on Pi Day, March 14th (or 3/14). It is a celebration of everything fun, weird, and interesting about math. We love exploring the beauty and complexities of math and science and sharing those findings with you.

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We care about students

We want you to be excited about education, and we try our best to create a fun learning environment. To accomplish this, we provide articles covering a variety of topics in math and science that are designed to engage you in the subject. We also include videos, images, and examples to encourage real retention and knowledge.

We care about teachers

We want to assist you in raising the next generation of learners. To accomplish this, we offer worksheets, videos, and other resources to help you teach important concepts while showing that education can be fun. We believe one of the best ways to help students is by helping their teachers.

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