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You will need 95.00 in your final exam to get an overall grade of 88.

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This calculator will determine what percentage you will need in your final exam so that you can still reach a desired grade. Just fill in your current grade (eg 85), your desired grade (eg 88) and put in the weight of your final exam (eg 30) and our tool will work out what you will need to achieve in your final exam, in this example you would need to achieve 95 in the final exam to achieve an overall grade of 88.

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1. Definitions
This calculator defines what required grade is needed in the final exam, where course-work, term papers and tests form part of the over-all course grade.
2. Parameters
2.1 Each line consists of a grade and a weighting.
2.2 The desired grade is the overall grade required from all the graded papers, including the final exam paper.
2.3 The checkbox adds another three lines if required. You may click this as many times as required; each time an additional three lines of input boxes are created.
2.4 Entering no data on any line has no effect on the overall calculated result. However, you must enter a grade together with a weighting.

3. Examples
3.1 Entering a grade of 75, with weighting 40% and the desired overall grade of 50, calculates the result of the final exam to be 33.33. This means that you must get 33.33 or above, to pass.
3.2 Adding another paper with a grade of 55 and a weighting of 5%, drops you requred final grade to be 31.36 or above. If however, the second paper's grade was only 30%, the required final grade increases to 33.64 or above.