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Golden rectangle calculator

Golden rectangle calculator will figure out the area and undertermined side of a golden rectangle.

This handy calculator will determine the length of either side of the golden rectangle as well as the area, if the other side is known.

First and foremost, what is the golden rectangle?

Seen throughout architecture an nature, the golden rectangle is a rectangle whose sides are in what is called the “golden ratio”.  Recall a ratio is the relationship between two quantities, represented generally as a fraction. If “a” is the width and “a + b” the length of the rectangle, then the golden ratio is (a+b)/a = a/b.  This is what is known as a proportion, which is two ratios set equal to each other.

To calculate the are of the golden rectangle by hand, simply take the width “a” and multiply by “a + b”.

A = a(a+b)

The calculator will easy and quickly check your work for you.

What if the scenario gives you the area but you need to calculate a side?  Suppose you know a + b but not a? Simply divide the area by (a+b) to get the missing side, a.  You can also get b, if you know a by similar process.

Instead of working everything manually, give the golden rectangle calculator a try for quick and easy results!