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30 Things To Do On Pi Day 2020

Welcome to our list of 30 things to do on Pi Day 2020! This list is of ideas sent to us so if any are your own, please let us know and we will cite them accordingly.

Check our our Pi Stuff so you can celebrate how you want!

Please enjoy Pi Day and remember how amazing math is and how much it helps so many people! If you want to add any, please comment at the bottom of the article.

1. Pie Baking Contest

Let students bake pies that are shaped like “Pi”. It would be best to pair this with a “Pi” eating competition.

2. Pi Recitation Contest

Have a contest on how many digits of the Pi can a contestant recite. The one with the most digits will take home a delicious pie.













3. Embrace your geekness

Tell the students and all school personnel to wear Pi related shirts or accessories. It may have numbers or Pi shaped stuff on it.

4. Make a Pi Day paper chain

By using multiple loops of construction paper, you can create a Pi day chain. Each of the 10 digits will have to use a different color. These chain links will represent digit or a decimal place.

5. Divide it up!

Treat your class for a “Pi”zza lunch. But before eating those pizzas, let your students measure the circumference and diameter of the pizzas.

6. PIcorate/Speaking of circles

Create a stunning hallway collage. By giving each student a quarter, they can decorate it then put them all together. Those are some aesthetically pleasing pies!

7. Pi Day fundraiser

Solidify the students’ math skills and strengthen their multiplication tables by selling pizza or pie to students, faculty members, and staff. This can be a great opportunity to help a local charity.

8. Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi

A read-aloud story about dragons and Math is the perfect choice for Pi-day.

9. Conduct a Pi symphony

Transform Pi into a song or a melody. Students can use hums, beats of drums, claps, triangles, tambourines, or other musical instruments.

10. Create Pi Day cards of appreciation.

Appreciate one another by creating sweet cards with a touch of witty Pi puns.

11.“Pi” word challenge

Bring that fork down and pick up that pen. Conduct a contest to see how many words a student can write starting with “Pi”. Anyone who wins will get none other than an appetizing pie.

12. The Pi CosPlay Challenge

Show your creativity by wearing “Pi” related costumes.

13. Classroom Pi Day Workout

So much Pi(e)! Let’s get moving!

14. Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

Create small groups from your class and let them do a scavenger hunt just around the school.

Let the Pi related figures be the clues and let them find things like three pieces of chalk, a piece of paper, or four markers and let the number of things found be a representation of the numbers in pi.

15. Extra Sweet Tooth Pi Day

Create chocolate pie pops. Don’t forget the stick!

16. Create Cool Pi Bracelets

Let each number represent a color of the bead. These Pi bracelets are very pleasing to the eye.

17. Share your best Pi joke

Here are some examples to start with:

Quick trivia, the 3.14% of the sailors around the world are “Pi”rates.

Divide the circumference of the sun by its diameter and you will get a Pi in the sky.

I tell you, do not talk to Pi. He never stops.

18. Relate your Pi experience

Let your students group themselves or individually share a short speech on how Pi is involved in their everyday lives. An example for this is the soccer ball they use when playing.

19. The Pi Film Showing

Encourage your students to create a short film about pi. It can be an infomercial, music videos, etc.

20.“Pi”per Plates

Before the Pi Day, distribute paper plates to students then assign a digit for each one of them. Instruct them to draw their assigned number on the plate and give it some decoration. They can form a circle on Pi day and take a gorgeous picture of it.

21.Commemorating AE

March 14 is the great Albert Einstein’s birthday. Let the students make an art display about his achievements, discoveries, famous quotations, and of course, birthday cards!

22.Broadcasting the Importance of Pi

For each section or group, let the students create a short segment for the school newscast about how important pi is in math and in our lives.

23. Simon Says Pi

With the same rules, play the “Simon says” game but with the Pi numbers. Call out a student and have him/her parrot back the number/s after you say them. If successful, you will add a digit until they make a mistake. The student who says the longest sequence is the Pi master.

24. Hula Hoop Contest

You can burn off the blueberry pies by holding a Hula Hoop contest. The Hula Hoop dancer to dance the longest can eat more pies. Look, they’re even circular

25. Setting Up the Pi Day Groove

“American Pie”, “Honey Bunch”, and “Sugar Pie” are some of the classic pi-themed songs that can be played in between classes. This will set the Pi day groove: ON.

26. Cheer for Pi

Know which grade can shout “ 3 . 1 4 1…” the loudest. They can also compose a longer cheer.

27. The Form of Pi

Students will form the numbers of Pi by lining up and standing outside in a field or oval. Take an overhead picture of it. This can be worthy of the school newspaper’s front page.

28. The King and Queen of Pi

Crown a King and Queen of Pi. Dress them with crowns (pie-plate), scepters (rolling-pins) and give them the power to announce who won the longest Hula Hoop dancer. They can also hand out the awards.

29. The Race to Pi

In a relay race, students will run from one station to another. To move forward, they must answer a Pi question or trivia at each stop.

30. Make (and Eat) a Pie

These pie recipes for Pi Day from NPR’s McCallister look incredibly tasty. But, there’s no shame in putting a frozen store-bought pie in the oven, or picking up a pie from your local bakery. Any kind of pie is great on Pi Day! If you’re making your own, get inspired by these beautifully designed Pi Day Pies. Tell us on Facebook: What’s your favorite kind of pie for Pi Day?